Wedding Tent Rentals

Wedding Tent Rentals

Our wedding tent rentals come completely set up and ready to go.  We offer all white tents as well as tables and chairs in both white.  These can be dressed up by our clients if they would like, however, they look very nice as they stand as well.  We ensure that all our tables and chairs are very clean.  And, we offer a wide selection of sizes of wedding tent rentals as well as different options for the chairs and tables.  This allows you to accommodate all of your guests.

If you don’t see something large enough, remember, you can order more than one and put them close together as well.  We have worked with many brides and grooms on their wedding tent rentals and are happy to help.  Should you want to see our rentals, you are more than welcome to come and take a look at the chairs and tables.  We will not put up a tent just for the purpose of showing you, however, if we happen to have an event come up that has that tent, we can let you know.

Wedding Tables and Chairs Rentals

Wedding rentals are something that we do offer.  However, because of the inflatable rentals, many think of carnival and fundraiser rentals.  Of course, these wedding tent rentals can be used for that, but they look great for outdoor weddings or receptions.   And, our wedding tent rentals are a great way to offer your guests a seat out of the hot sun or rain.  Nobody wants it to rain on their wedding day, however, sometimes that happens and having a shelter to run to is important.  All our tent rentals come with one side and lights, while supplies last for your convenience.

Our wedding tent rentals look great with some hanging lights and ribbons.  Dress them up with some flowers and ribbons or leave them as they are.  We offer small table rentals that work great for plant stands around the tent as well.  And, there are many places to purchase fabric in bulk to make quick table clothes if you choose.

Outdoor reception rentals

Our wedding tent rentals are great for outdoor receptions as well.  And, are a very inexpensive option.  All our wedding tent rentals are made right here in the local area.  This is important to us, as we are a local company as well.  Getting the best service from the local guys is what it’s all about.  We pride ourselves on our reputation.  We want all of our clients to have a great experience with us.

If you are getting married outdoors or looking for outdoor reception rentals, you have come to the right place.  Our rentals are very economical and can often time be a beautiful option. Of course with a little decorating them up.  Wedding tent rentals are the perfect option.  And, we have all sizes to cover whatever area you need as well as tables and chairs to complete the setup.  We only leave the decorating to you.

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