Things to do in Buffalo NY

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Buffalo is a great city.  We live and work here.  We offer inflatable rentals, bounce house rentals and all sorts of party rentals.  If you are looking to have a fundraiser, company party, birthday parties, and community events.  If you are looking for a carnival in a truck, we are here to help.  However, there are other great things that are here and around Buffalo as well.

Pierce-Arrow Museum

This is an incredible museum is a great museum for automobile, motorcycle, and architecture buffs.  This is all about the transportation systems that were used in the Buffalo area.

Buffalo Museum of Science

For an Education Buffalo Museum of Science is a great option in Buffalo.  Family’s enjoy learning together with the various sciences and it’s all hands on.

Parks and Nature in Buffalo

Larkin Square is a great place to take a look at when visiting Buffalo.  This is where you will find food trucks at Tuesdays and concerts as well as a restaurant and fun seating.  Saturdays are a great time to have lunch at Larkin Square.  Larkin Square is named after a soap company that was located on the property years ago.

Layette Square is a great shaded park.  On Thursday evening there are free concerts at Layette Square and it has a great statue of the civil war soldiers.  The gardens here are beautiful and it’s really a great way to take in some of the outdoors and have an afternoon stroll.

During the summer months, Cazenovia Park is a great destination with a farmer’s market on Sundays June through Sept.  In Sept there is an Irish Festival.   There is a splash pad, picnic area, and playground to enjoy here as well.

Buffalo has some amazing parks as well.  Each of the parks offers a few different options and views.  There is Deleware Park that is very scenic and a great park to go for a walk.  There is a Buffalo and Erie County Botanical GardensErie Basin Marina.

If you love zoos, well Buffalo has their very own Zoo called the Buffalo Zoo, yeah, probably not a super creative name.  But, it is a real treasure and fun to walk through and see all the different animals.  It is located at the heart of Parkside neighborhood.

Random Buffalo NY Facts

Spicy wings were one of the things that made Buffalo NY famous.  While the locals call these chicken wings, just “wings”.  The rest of the world called them “Buffalo wings” again.  It is the second highest population in NY and second to well, New York City of course.  It offers a picturesque landscape being by the shores of Lake Erie.  However, this lake also is the reason for a lot of snow in the wintertime months.  During the war of 1812, most of Buffalo was burned to the ground with only a few remaining structures.  One of the structures that still remains is the local jail.  It is home to the annual YMCA Turkey Trot which was started in 1896.  There is a lot of rich and fun history facts for the area as well as fun places to see and go.

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