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Axe Throwing Rentals Eden, NY

Axe throwing Buffalo NY is an exciting new party rental item available from Bouncing On Air. We bring the Axe throwing to you! Bouncing On Air offers the best axe throwing and Hatchet throwing experience anywhere in New York State. This mobile axe game allows 2 participants to throw real axes at our board and challenge each other to see who has the best aim. Axe throwing has been around forever, but we are bringing back a unique way to play. Our axe trailer is perfect for ages 16+ and goes great for any festival, carnival, birthday party, family fun night and any other event where fun is needed! Bouncing On Air is the leading provider for axe throwing trailers in New York State. Book online today for $900 for 3 hours. This price includes set up, take down, and a staff member to guide the users through the amazing experience. Book Hatchet Throwing online today!

Our AXE & Hatchet Throwing Mobile trailer rental is $900 for 3 hours with a trained attendant with you the whole time for your safety. The $900 also includes delivery to most of Western New York. You can get about a new thrower every 5 minutes or so so we can crank through about 20 people an hour minimum to keep your party going! The nice part is if you rent the trailer it’s yours for the whole three hours so you can use it as much or little as you want!

We offer easy to use online booking for our Mobile Axe Throwing Trailer rental. If the system lets you book online then it’s yours for the time frame! You can call us anytime to reserve the Axe Throwing or book online with $0 down. Whichever works for you!

We recommend you wear something comfortable but if you wanna look professional we recommend Pants and a red plaid flannel with a 12″ Beard! This way you get the full experience of Axe Throwing.

If we can Fit the Trailer, then we can let you throw Axes and Hatchets! The mobile Axe Trailer is about 20ft x15ftx 10ft. IF that fits then we can drive it in anywhere!

Safety is our #1 reason why we have a trained staff member watch the Mobile trailer at all times and teach participants how to throw. We have been renting safe fun for over 20 years and will not put our clients in an unsafe rental item. No dollar amount is worth the safety of our customers. We want you to rent again!

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