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 Have you ever done fundraisers where you are expected to sell so many high priced items? The profits for these high priced items are pennies in comparison to what the “fundraiser company” gets, and the percentages are very low. In essence, that company wins. However, with bounce house rentals Amherst NY, that isn’t the case. Our bounce houses, carnival games, concessions, and other amazing party rentals are a great way to make maximum profits for your event. And, you control how you charge. Some of our events charge a flat rate at the door, others sell tickets and each bounce house is so many tickets. The possibilities are endless.

Fundraiser Carnival Equipment

The difference between our bounce house rentals Amherst NY and those pricey trinkets is people actually want to come to a fundraiser carnival. Kids will beg their parents to join in the fun. And, it’s fun for everyone. The parents enjoy spending time with their kids and getting out into the community. Catch up with some neighbors and friends a while the kids bounce and play. This is why this fundraiser model is so popular. And, in the wintertime, when there is literally nothing else to do, throw a bounce house fundraiser!! Our bounce house does take up quite a bit of space, so if you don’t have space indoors, give us a call. We have worked at various venues around the area and we may have some ideas for you.

Rental Equipment

Finding the perfect bounce house rentals Amherst NY has never been easier! Our online website has all our rentals currently available. We have all kinds of different options and offer tables and chairs, lawn games, video games and so much more. We want you to enjoy your event or party and not have to worry about our equipment. Our equipment will be delivered, we will set it up and inspect it, we will then clean it and tear it down at the end of the day. It can’t get more simple than that! Let us bring the party or carnival to you! We have set up 1000’s of carnivals and events. All our equipment will arrive on time and clean. We understand how horrible it is to plan a great event, only to have the equipment show up so filthy. We pride ourselves on clean equipment and inspect it often to ensure everything is safe and working properly. Should something get spilled on our bounce house rentals Amherst NY while in your care, please use only water to clean up.  Many cleaners can harm the fabric of the equipment. We ask that you do not use a silly string around our equipment as it will stain the equipment. Give us a call for your next fundraiser, birthday party or community event. You will be happy you did. Bouncing On Air Knows how Amherst NY likes to party! Booking your next bounce house rental is just a few clicks away below! Booking your next bounce house rental is just a few clicks away below!

Bounce House Rentals Amherst NY

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